Hair Extensions Fashion Exploring New Horizons

For many people, the passion of being trendy and fashionable has no boundaries and are willing to spend great sums in return for new looks and styles. In this regard, have become a famous way of being stylish and getting looks which cannot be gained from natural hairs. When the trend of first started, people mostly like to have straight and blonde hairs so acquire a new charm and look to their personality.

With the passage of time, many new styles have made an entry in the market and the wavy fushion extensions is one among the highly pronounced extensions which have enjoyed significant sales in the last few years. Although, there are several machines available that can give a wavy and curly look to your natural hair, their side effects cannot be sidelined. Many of the machines uses the heat mechanism and weaken the hair roots. There are several other drawbacks of using electronic curlers and other machines to get a wavy look and therefore more and more people are going for the option of wavy rather than making their hairs to bear the high temperature and stress by the machines.

There are several other pros of using the wavy fushion extensions other than that there is no need to destroy or weaken your natural hair for the sake of new looks and style. One of the advantages that wavy gives is that people can not only get a curly hair look but they can also choose the color they want for these extensions. This option is not available in using the electronic curlers. Furthermore, warm glue is attached to the tip of these extensions which stick to the root of your natural hairs without damaging any of your hair or roots. The glue ensures that the hair extension firmly adheres to the roots of your hairs so that it gives a very natural look to the human eyes.

As it is a known fact that water and moist can spoil the wavy looks gained by the use of electronic curlers and all your efforts can get wasted. This is not a problem when using As the adhesive use is waterproof and your hair style and color remain just the same even after being in contact with moisture or water drops. Like other things in the world, these fancy looking are also a two sided coin with both positive and negatives.

The foremost problem with these comes in the form of price you will have to pay for getting it. Purchasing an electronic curler can be conjectured as one time investment, but opting for stylish and multi colored hair extensions can cost you a big deal. The average price that the salons charge for the onetime makeover of your hair with one of the hair extensions is around $120-$300 depending on the quality of the and its demand. So, if your pocket can bear the load of the new fashion trends, then you would really love to try one too, particularly the wavy one which is presently the most in-demand fushion extensions.